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Moose/Brown Bear Combo

Available as a dropoff/pickup transport or as a boat based live-aboard. Unit 6a Moose and Brown Bear combo hunts are some of the best bang for your buck around. Both of these sought after species can be found in abundance in unit 6a. This is one of the more challenging unguided hunts we offer, but the reward is well worth the effort with access to some of the states largest moose, and well fed coastal Brown Bears that can rival the size of even the biggest Kodiak. Clients must supply their own inflatable or rigid hull jet river skiff for this hunt. Residency restrictions do apply to this hunt. Clients are required to bring satellite communication device into the field for this area. Pre-downloading ONX hunt maps are recommended.

Moose tags are available over the counter for state residents using an RM160 tag. Non residents must draw the DM160 tag.

Brown Bear locking tags for this area are available over the counter for both residents and non residents alike, however non residents must hunt with a resident within the first degree of kindred as per state regulation.

For more information on availability and pricing please email using the link below!

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