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Fall Deer, Bear, Seaduck, Fishing Live-aboard Combos 

Come join us for this unique opportunity to hunt multiple species from the comfort of our 5-star rated USCG OUPV Vessels, F/V Serenity or F/V Sentinel. On this trip We will spend 5 days and 6 nights venturing from Cordova into breath-taking eastern Prince William Sound, this is an Alaskan adventure like no other. DIY Hunt each day on mainland eastern PWS for bear, or Hawkins and Hinchinbrook island for deer, and spend your nights in warmth and comfort on our vessel. All transportation, lodging, and meal services are included with this hunt package. We are also fully licensed saltwater fishing and waterfowl guides. On the boat we feast like true Alaskan royalty with meals consisting of wild commercially caught Copper River Chinook and Sockeye salmon, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Blackcod, Bairdi/Tanner Crab, Golden King crab. We will also cook your harvest! Our chefs specialize in preparing your locally sourced wild game steaks, burgers, and roasts.


On this trip you can expect to be dropped on the beach for a DIY hunt for brown bear or black bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, and a nice variety of rare duck species only found in Alaska. One of the main benefits of hunting in unit 6 is that our tags are available over the counter, no draw requirement. Clients fly in on Sunday afternoon, hunt M-F and fly out Saturday afternoon. All flights operated commercial jet travel by Alaska Airlines. 50% non refundable booking deposit required to reserve dates. 


Residency restrictions do apply for bear species, please contact us using the email link below to inquire for more details or to check availability and pricing.

Black Bear Season is Sept 10 - about Oct 20th, after this the trips are Duck, Deer, Fishing Combos

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