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Captain Ken Jones and Family

About US

Our Story

Captain/Owner Kenneth B Jones is a third-generation, Alaskan born and raised, hunter and fisherman. Growing up on the waters of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska, Ken has decades of experience in the sound. 


At the age of 16, Ken followed in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps by becoming a captain and vessel owner, purchasing his first commercial fishing vessel, the 42 foot F/V Sam-an-I. Two years later, just after graduating high school, Ken purchased another vessel, the 27 foot F/V Silver Mist.


Ken then went on to earn his 100 ton masters license, and private pilots license in Anchorage, before returning home to Cordova. Fishing the Samani and Silver Mist went well and Ken soon decided to make an upgrade to a newer vessel, selling the Silver mist and purchasing the twin jet drive powered F/V Second Wind. This was a major upgrade and after a few more good fishing seasons, it was time to look at upgrading his larger vessel. After two years of searching the used boat market and becoming frustrated after three different vessel transactions fell through, Ken started looking at shipyards to build him his dream boat, the F/V Serenity. 

Finally choosing to go with Little Hoqiuam Shipyard, the boat building shop owned by the renowned Howard Moe. Ken approved his plans, made a few customizations, and construction was started. It took 13 months from start to finish, but finally in December of 2014, the Serenity was launched. On sea trial she exceeded expectations, and during her first commercial fishing season in 2015, she proved an even more capable vessel than Ken ever imagined.

2015 also brought another incredible change to Ken's life. He met Shannon Evans, the incredible woman he would start dating, and then soon marry in Cordova. During a small ceremony in December of 2016 at the Nazarene Church Shannon and Ken were wed. Raising a family in Cordova was always what Ken envisioned for his life, and shortly after they returned from their honeymoon Ken and Shannon were excited to learn they would be expecting a new addition to their growing family. 

Born in September of 2017, Evan Patrick Jones came into the world a month early, and with much pomp and circumstance. Ken learned just how fast the Second Wind could really go that day, as he was out fishing when he got the call. He made the flight and both he and Shannon were flown to anchorage so they could meet baby Evan.


Now raising a family and looking for ways to diversify his income without having to leave for winter fisheries, Ken looked to what he enjoys for inspiration. Hunting in the coastal areas around Cordova and Prince William Sound since he was very young, hunting transportation seemed like the perfect fit to diversify his business using the vessels he already had purchased and maintained. Thus in 2017 Serenity Adventure Charters was born.

In 2020 while out with a live aboard group, Ken got the call again, got a relief skipper out to finish the trip with clients and flew to anchorage to meet Shannon and their youngest son, whom they named Hunter. With their family now complete Ken, Shannon, Evan, and Hunter are dedicated to growing the company and the offerings our family can bring to your Alaskan adventure. We are excited to be established as a renowned and industry leading hunting adventure service for Prince William Sound. 

Please come and join our family and let us make your next hunt memorable and hassle free. Enjoy the comforts of our newer construction vessels as we cruise to the wildlife abundant islands of Prince William Sound.

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