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Self Guided Big Game - Hunter Transportation and Lodging - Fully Guided Waterfowl Hunts - Prince William Sound - Cordova, Alaska

State of Alaska Transporter License # 137420

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 Locally owned and operated, Serenity Adventures offers self guided big game hunt transportation, fully guided waterfowl hunts, and boat based hunter lodging packages in Alaska’s breathtaking Prince William Sound. Based out of Cordova, The F/V Serenity, F/V Sentinel, and F/V Second Wind cruise the waters of Prince William Sound year-round.  Come be surrounded by spectacular mountains & abundant wildlife, with very high success rates, you will enjoy the hunt of a lifetime.​

Almost all of our species can be hunted using over the counter tags from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, removing the need to win a lottery draw tag. This provides our clients a very unique opportunity to harvest multiple sought after species on the same trip!

Available Species Include:

Black Bear - Brown Bear - Sitka Blacktail Deer - Mountain Goat - Moose - Sea Ducks

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Deer, Bear, Seaduck Combo Live-aboard Trips

Come join us for this unique opportunity to hunt multiple species from the comfort of our 5-star rated USCG OUPV Vessels, F/V Serenity or F/V Sentinel. On this trip We will spend 5 days and 6 nights venturing from Cordova into breath-taking eastern Prince William Sound, this is an Alaskan adventure like no other. Hunt each day on either Hawkins and hinchinbrook island and spend your nights in warmth and comfort on our vessel. All transportation, lodging, and meal services are included with this hunt package. We feast like true Alaskan royalty with meals consisting of wild caught Copper River Chinook and Sockeye salmon, Pacific Halibut, Pacific Blackcod, Bairdi/Tanner Crab, Golden King crab, along with deer and moose steaks, burgers, and roasts.

On this trip you can expect to hunt for brown bear or black bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, and a nice variety of rare duck species only found in Alaska. One of the main benefits of hunting in unit 6 is that our tags are available over the counter, no draw requirement. Clients fly in on Sunday afternoon, hunt M-F and fly out Saturday afternoon. All flights operated commercial jet travel by Alaska Airlines. 50% non refundable booking deposit required to reserve dates. 

Residency restrictions do apply for bear species, please contact us using the email link below to inquire for more details or to check availability and pricing.

2023 Live aboard Trip Availability per vessel - as of 2/20/23 - listed below.

F/V Serenity Available Dates 

“Bear Ducks and Bucks”

Sept 24th - 31st - Available  

Oct 1 - 7th - Available

Oct 8th - 14th -  Booked

Oct 15th - 22nd - Booked

Oct 23rd - 29th - Booked

“Ducks and Bucks combos”

Oct 31 - Nov 4th - Available (4 days hunting 20% off regular price) 

Nov 5th - 11th - Booked

Nov 14th - 21st - Booked

Pickup Group - Nov 26th - Dec 2nd - Five Seats Still Available

Dec 3rd - Dec 9th - Booked

Dec 10th - 17th Available

Big moose

Moose/Brown Bear Combo

Available as a dropoff/pickup transport or as a boat based live-aboard. Unit 6a Moose and Brown Bear combo hunts are some of the best bang for your buck around. Both of these sought after species can be found in abundance in unit 6a. This is one of the more challenging unguided hunts we offer, but the reward is well worth the effort with access to some of the states largest moose, and well fed coastal Brown Bears that can rival the size of even the biggest Kodiak. Clients must supply their own inflatable or rigid hull jet river skiff for this hunt. Residency restrictions do apply to this hunt. Clients are required to bring satellite communication device into the field for this area. Pre-downloading ONX hunt maps are recommended.

Moose tags are available over the counter for state residents using an RM160 tag. Non residents must draw the DM160 tag.

Brown Bear locking tags for this area are available over the counter for both residents and non residents alike, however non residents must hunt with a resident within the first degree of kindred as per state regulation.

For more information on availability and pricing please email using the link below!


Fully Guided Seaduck Trips

Come join us for this amazing duck hunting experience. Stay at a cozy private lake or river side cabin in Cordova each night, departing each morning before first light onboard our high speed jet vessel F/V Second Wind. We can also turn this into a boat based live aboard trip with deer and fishing opportunities, more info on those above with our combo hunt package.

Bring your camo gear, shotgun, and at least a couple boxes of steel shot shells for each day of hunting and let us provide the rest. We will set up blinds and decoy strings and place you in some great zones to attract birds. 

Hunt for all the beautiful variety of Seaducks PWS has to offer, including Harlequin, Bufflehead, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Surf Scoter, White-Winged Scoter, Common Scoter, Common Merganser, and the elusive Old Squaw (long tailed duck)

Puddle Duck species include Mallard, Widgeon, Northern Shoveler, Green Winged Teal, and Pintail​

Required Party Size 3 - 6 hunters, non-hunters also welcomed to join for sight seeing.

Lodging in Cordova, courtesy car use, airport transportation, sight seeing opportunities, and snacks while on the vessel are included with this hunt.

For pricing and availability or to book your hunt please email us today! 


Drop off & Pick up Transport to Hinchinbrook

Priced for the round trip we can carry up to 6 passengers and the price stays the same. This is a great value for those seeking the true alaskan experience of a self guided hunt staying in a tent camp or renting a public use cabin. Using our high speed shallow draft twin jet propulsion vessel, We can pull right up to the front door of the cabin at high tide. 

Coming from Cordova, we can travel in almost any weather condition with a comfortable quick ride. We no longer offer transportation through whittier or Valdez as these routes are much more susceptible to weather delays. 

Customer is responsible for arranging and bringing all supplies required for their remote camp or cabin stay. Public use cabin rentals are Double Bay and Shelter bay, and can be rented directly from the forrest service at

Available species on Hinchinbrook Island include Sitka black-tailed Deer, Sea-ducks, and Coastal Brown Bear.

Price varies upon exact drop destination and target species. Please call or email for more details on your exact drop location.

 Common hinchinbrook drop locations are the shelter bay and double bay public use cabins which are rented directly from the Forrest service online at

Accommodated Party Sizes of 2 - 6 hunters with almost no weight and size restrictions on gear. If you are planning on traveling heavy just let us know ahead of time and we can accommodate it with our larger vessel.

Available water taxi dates: (1/30/23)

Sept 7th-24th

Sept 30-Oct 1

Oct 7-8

Oct 14-15

Oct 21-22

Oct 28-31

Nov 12-13

Nov 22-26

Dec 2-3

Dec 9-10

Dec 16-31

Usually we try to keep the water taxi work to the weekends in oct nov and dec with drop or pickup services saturday afternoon or sunday morning so that we can accommodate our live aboard groups and guided duck hunters during week days. For other dates please call and we will do our best to accommodate custom arrangements.

alaska goat hunt

Mountain Goat

Prince William Sound is home to some of the largest Mountain Goat in the world. With a robust population and a multitude of use areas, the Goat population is well managed and accessible using over the counter tags. For a fraction of what a guided service would charge, we can take you where you need to go to access these hard to hunt magnificent animals. Residency restrictions do apply, so please inquire for more details if you are interested in this hunt. Black bear can also be hunted in many of the same units as Goat and it is very common for goat hunters to see black bears in the field.

Price varies upon exact drop destination and target species, Accommodated Party Size 2 - 6 hunters. Please email to book or for more details.


Spring Bear Hunts

Prince William Sound is home to some of the best spring Black and Brown bear hunting in Alaska. We are happy to offer transportation services for DIY hunters looking to capitalize on the spring season. We have two options available, the drop hunt and our NEWLY OFFERED!! Spring Bear Live Aboard

Details on the Spring Bear drop offs/water taxi.

The drop hunts using our high speed shallow draft twin jet propulsion vessel, We can pull right up to your drop off beach at any tide condition and going out of Cordova we can travel in almost any weather condition with a comfortable quick ride.

Customer is responsible for arranging and bringing all supplies required for their remote camp.

​Price varies upon exact drop destination and target species. Please email your questions for more details, exact pricing, and availability. ​

Required Party Size 2 - 6 hunters

Details on the Spring Bear live aboard.

Just like our world class fall combo live aboards, our spring bear live aboards boast comfortable lodging on F/V Serenity and all the meals for a party size of up to 6. Captain Ron is professional, licensed, and very experienced with spring bear hunting and will make this an unforgettable experience. 

2023 spring black bear live aboard dates:

May 14-20th - booked 

May 21-27th - booked

May 28th - June 3 - booked

June 4 - June 10 - booked

June 11-June 17 - booked

All spring live aboard sold out for 2023, water taxi still available with lots of available dates. 

2024 dates are available also, please email to inquire.

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